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My Lexington Comic & Toy Convention 2019 Experience

March 22:  Another day for the book.
I met actors Val Kilmer, Michael Biehn, and wrestlers Edge and Christian at Lexington ComicCon.
For those of you who don’t know, Val Kilmer has starred in many movies, including Real Genius, Top Secret, Top Gun (Top Gun 2 next year), Willow, The Doors, Thunderheart, Tombstone, Heat, Batman Forever, The Island Of Dr. Moreau, The Saint, The Ghost And The Darkness, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (hilarious), and so many more. The most recent movie I saw him in is The Super. Very good thriller.
He did not speak much because he’s had voice issues ever since he had throat cancer a few years ago.
He’s cancer free now, but it did mess up his voice. But he was all smiles and in good spirits.
He definitely loved my shirt, which I bought on his website. He kept pointing at it.
When I got him to sign a picture of him from the movie The Saint, I basically just told him that I loved him. And he just smiled.
It was a pleasure meeting him and when I go back to Lexington ComicCon Sunday, I’ll get a solo picture with him.
The other man in the picture with Val and I is Michael Biehn.
For those that don’t know, he starred in The Terminator, T2, Aliens, The Abyss, K2, Navy Seals, Tombstone, The Rock, The Magnificent Seven TV series, and much more.
Of all the celebrities I’ve met, he’s definitely one of the best.
He is a total class act. He spoke to me for at least five minutes and he did this with each fan that came to his table.
When he first saw my shirt, he said “I normally don’t associate myself with people who wear a shirt like that, but in your case, I’ll make an exception”.
What he meant was that the shirt I wore is that of Val’s character, Doc Holliday, in Tombstone. Michael played Johnny Ringo in Tombstone, and Val’s character kills Michael’s character in the movie.
So anyway, once he said that, my response was well if I had a Johnny Ringo shirt, then I would’ve worn it. And he just laughed.
I got him to sign a picture of him from the first Terminator movie.
He told me all about this publicly picture. He said it was during a lunch, and he was just standing there posing for the photographer, while actress Linda Hamilton was sitting in the background.
I told him that for some reason, T1 still scares me. Then he said well I should listen to Stephen Hawking talk about Artificial Intelligence and that that is really scary.
But anyway, a long story short. Michael Biehn is someone anyone can talk to and feel comfortable with.
I also met wrestlers Edge and Christian.
I’ve been a fan of these guys for the past 12 years when I got back into watching wrestling, although I basically once again don’t watch it.
But I love these guys. Neither wrestle anymore due to injury but both guys are great and very friendly.
Well that was my Friday.
I work tomorrow and then I go back to Lexington ComicCon Sunday to again, get my picture taken with Val again (wearing a different official Val shirt this time), as well as one of my favorite wrestlers ever: Sting.
Great day!! I don’t have enough of them.
For those who may think I’m rich, I’m not. I’m actually quite broke most of the time. Most of my life is just waiting for the next long day because all are long.
So to keep myself going, I go to events like this and of course to concerts.
As broke as I am, I’m still just making it happen for myself. And until I stop, I will continue.
March 24:  Another fun day at Lexington ComicCon.
I met Val Kilmer again, Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy, and my second favorite wrestler since I was 9 years old: Sting!!
Sting signed a WCW Magazine from 1992 for me.
I told him I’ve been a fan since I was 9. He said that’s awesome thank you so much.
I thanked him for all he has done and that I know it didn’t ultimately work out but that I was glad he finally went to WWE.
He said me too and thank you.
I received two hand shakes from him and when I got my picture taken with him, I again thanked him and that I love him. He said thank you I love you too.
It doesn’t get much better than that for me.
Kevin Conroy is very nice too. He has done the voice of Batman/Bruce Wayne for many years.
I told him the Batman Mask Of The Phantasm film, which he signed for me, still holds up and he said that it really does.
I thanked him for all his work and that I was glad he did The Killing Joke film too. He said that was wonderful wasn’t it? I agreed and I got a Hearty hand shake from him.
And Val I was only going to meet today but since Michael Biehn was announced as initially appearing Friday (he later extended), I decided to get my picture taken with both Friday. See above for that info.
But I still went through with it and have no regrets.
Now before anyone says he looks bad, let me tell you: a few years ago he had a tumor in his throat.
Throat cancer.
He’s cancer free now but it did mess up his voice. He can speak but it’s not what it was.
But he is working with a vocal coach and is still working.
So give him a break.
He was in a very good thriller last year called The Super and his voice was good in it, other than just raspy.
And he’s Iceman again in Top Gun 2, out next year.
I wore my official Val shirt of his movie The Saint today. He greeted me with a hand shake, arm around me, and all smiles.
Another good day. If only all were good. Most aren’t.
Now I’m eyeing another expo in August. I intend to go.
Stay tuned.

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