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Thrash!! Overkill/Death Angel Concert Review

I went to another great concert Sunday night.
House Of Blues In Cleveland.
Not blues, but Metal!!
First band was Mothership, more of a stoner rock band, if you will, but very good. I may need to look into them more.
Then I saw Death Angel. One of my favorites.
Their albums of the last 15 years are to me better than their older stuff, which is saying something.
They’ve gotten heavier with age.
Really loud and lots of energy.
I can’t wait to buy their new album Humanicide (they played that song) May 31.
Overkill closed the show.
Again, a favorite of mine and they just get better and better with age.
They’ve been around since 1980 or 81, have made many albums, many lineup changes, but through it all, the main constants are singer
Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth and bassist DD Verni.
They have steered the ship forward throughout and have maintained a great work ethic and they give their fans what they want, which is uncompromising Metal!!
Another great concert.
Probably my last until June 1, but we’ll see.

Overkill Set List:

  1. Last Man Standing (New Song)
  2. Electric Rattlesnake
  3. Hello From The Gutter
  4. Elimination
  5. Deny The Cross
  6. Distortion (New Song)
  7. Necroshine
  8. Under One
  9. Bastard Nation
  10. Mean, Green, Killing Machine
  11. Feel The Fire
  12. Rotten To The Core
  13. Encore:  Ironbound
  14. F You
  15. Welcome To The Garden State (New Song)
  16. F You (Reprise)

Death Angel Set List:

  1. Thrown To The Wolves
  2. Claws In So Deep
  3. Seemingly Endless Time
  4. The Dream Calls For Blood
  5. The Moth
  6. Humanicide (new song)
  7. The Ultra Violence (Intro)/Kill As One

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