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Awesome All-Star Group: Kings Of Chaos Concert Review

Well: I went to another PHENOMENAL concert.
At the Fraze Pavilion, in Kettering, Ohio, near Dayton.
I saw an all-star band called Kings Of Chaos.
This band was started some years ago as a side project when musicians are off from their own projects.
So, the lineup has fluctuated over the years.
People from Billy Gibbons, Slash, Glenn Hughes, and many more have participated.
This year, and for four shows only (this was the third), the lineup includes singers Dee Snider (Twisted Sister), Sebastian Bach (Skid Row) and Lou Gramm (Foreigner)! Guitarists Warren DeMartini (RATT) and Gilby Clarke (Guns N Roses), bassist James Lomenzo (White Lion, Pride And Glory, Black Label Society, Megadeth, John Fogerty) and drummer Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp, Tony Iommi, Chickenfoot, John Fogerty, just to name a few).
This band plays songs of each other’s catalogs, as well as covers of other people’s songs.
The band played throughout while the singers would rotate on and off and would come back later.
The set started with Dee coming out to sing a few songs, then Sebastian, then Lou, Gilby sang one, Dee returned, then Sebastian, then everyone for the last song.
This band is phenomenal, especially Warren DeMartini. I’m a fan of all these people but once again, like I was when I saw RATT in 2007, I was on Warren’s side of the stage (3rd Row this time), and it was a pleasure seeing and hearing him play. He can play anything, as can they all, as you’ll see by the setlist below. I heard every note. It was beautiful.
Lou is a legend. One of the best singers ever, and he sang some of his Foreigner songs.
Dee sang some TS, RATT, and other songs.
Sebastian sang Skid Row, RATT, and other songs.
Near the end, Dee ended up grabbing my hand when he was greeting fans up the front. What a moment, because I’m a HUGE fan of his. He’s tweeted me several times and even sent condolences to me in regards to the loss of my Granny. Class act.
Sebastian is a true rock and roller, and passionate fan like I am. Has always sang great and still does.
Gilby Clarke is cool, James Lomenzo is a solid player, and Kenny Aronoff (nickname Kenny Earnenough according to Sebastian) is a monster player.
I can’t say enough about these guys.
Great show!
My next one is July 5.
Love and Peace and thanks to everyone who has sent me condolences about my loss.
It’s sad, but life does somehow go on.
And like I keep saying, I need things like this concert to keep me going.
I hate traveling to and from shows, but the shows always make it all worthwhile.
I’m listing the setlist showing what each person sang. Again, the band played all of it.
The order may not be quite in sequence but this is definitely the setlist.

Set List:

Dee-We’re Not Gonna Take It, Wanted Man, Highway To Hell
Sebastian-Lay It Down, 18 And Life, Round And Round, Youth Gone Wild
Lou Gramm-Cold As Ice, Dirty White Boy, Juke Box Hero, Hot Blooded
Gilby-Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
Dee-I Wanna Rock, Real Wild Child (musically it was Rock And Roll). This was a “mashup”.
Sebastian-Jack And Diane
Everyone-Paradise City

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