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Mostly Terrible Experience: My Experience at a Certain Expo

This has left SUCH a bad taste in my mouth!!!!

Every time I said something honest on this event’s page, and people agreed with me, the posts got deleted.
But yet I’m the villain for saying how terrible the event was run.
I’ve been beyond furious about this all week!
Again, It looks as if I had fun by the pictures below, but other than these very brief moments, it was a bad experience.
Chuck Norris, Lee Majors, and Richard Petty are class acts.
Very gracious to their fans.
And all the other celebrities that were there seemed cool.
But the event was poorly run, disorganized, misinformation, lies, many “cancellations” (if they were ever scheduled at all. I don’t think they were.)
It took 90 minutes just to get inside.
Now, I understand these events can be chaotic (I’ve been to a few), but nothing like this.
And schedules change, but not like this.
Of all the events I’ve ever been to, this was the worst and if this event ever happens again, I will not be attending.
The only upside of this is the pictures you see below here, the fact they were nice to me, and I found out that even though Knoxville, Tennessee is a bit of a drive, it’s not a terrible drive.
I hope to enjoy the rest of my vacation, although so far, I haven’t enjoyed much of it.

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