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I Saw Wolverine In Person: Hugh Jackman Show Review

What can I say?
I saw a super person in concert.
His name is Hugh Jackman.
Not only is he a famous movie star. He’s also a talented singer, dancer, storyteller, and just an all around great person.
I saw him perform at the Schottenstein Center in Columbus, Ohio.
He told a lot of stories about his upbringing, his influences (he spent a whole section of the show paying tribute/acting like fellow Australian singer Peter Allen), got the audience involved (he brought an audience member on stage and interacted with him in a funny way and continuously mentioned the person on and off for the rest of the show), gave drum sticks to little kids, hugged people, sang, danced, tap danced, acted, told jokes, and in a word entertained.
It was a very fun show.
The act is very good. Great production and sound/visuals. Cool song selections (songs from various movies of his and classic musicals/broadway show tunes).
He even had a AC/DC and Van Halen sample going on at one point.
I learned something too: the word Leon means “spirit”. He said Columbus really brought the Leon out.
He truly is a showman, to say the least.
I wish I and really the world for that matter could be as kind and as positive as he is.
This was a very fun event and I’m glad I went.
Two more events and that will probably be it for me in 2019.
Hopefully some cool events await me next year.

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