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I Met Dolph Lundgren on Zoom!!

I actually got to speak to someone I really like today via the Internet.
Actor/director/producer/writer Dolph Lundgren did a chat on GalaxyCon today and after the regular chat he did some one on one chats with people.
I was one of those people.
I’m not sure if this video will work on here but give it a try.
I was having technical difficulties beforehand for awhile but it worked in time.
He’s a great guy and he’s made a lot of good movies, not just Rocky IV.
Masters Of The Universe, The Punisher, Showdown In Little Tokyo, I Come In Peace, Joshua Tree/Army Of One, 3 Universal Soldier movies, The Killing Machine/Icarus, Diamond Dogs, Jill The Ripper, Kindergarten Cop 2 (no not a sequel but a fun movie), Aquaman, The Expendables 1-3, Creed 2, and so many more.
Check out the video.
I have also posted autographed pictures I received from Dolph, courtesy of GalaxyCon and Wizard World.

Photo Gallery (click on thumbnail to view larger image)

Video Gallery (click on thumbnail to play video)

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