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Still Delivering the Rebel Yell: Billy Idol Concert Review

I finally saw Billy Idol in concert!
It was in Huber Heights, Ohio.
He, long time awesome guitarist Steve Stevens, and the band rocked the house with hits, deeper cuts, and actually some new songs that will be out next month as part of a 4 song EP.
Billy Idol still has that voice and look of his and Steve Stevens still has his big hair.
But they rock and the band is solid.
Billy kept throwing drumsticks, frisbees, and even one of his shirts to fans.
Fun show.
The opening band, The Foxies, were a lot of fun too.
Two more concerts to see this week.
I can’t wait!

Billy Idol Set List:

  1. Cradle Of Love
  2. Dancing With Myself
  3. Flesh For Fantasy
  4. Rita Hayworth (New Song)
  5. Scream
  6. Bitter Taste (New Single)
  7. Eyes Without A Face
  8. Acoustic Guitar Solo Piece (Incl. Over The Hills and Far Away and Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin)
  9. Mony Mony
  10. One Hundred Punks (Generation X song, which Billy said he had not sung since being in that band.)
  11. Blue Highway (Incl. Guitar Solo/Top Gun Theme bit)
  12. Rebel Yell
  13. Born To Lose (Johnny Thunders song-1st time played on this tour)
  14. White Wedding

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