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    Alice & Space Ace: Alice Cooper/Ace Frehley Concert Review

    Dream concert bill: Alice Cooper and Ace Frehley
    Two of my heroes.
    I went with my girlfriend Mariah Startzman to see these two legends at The Rose The Rose Music Center At The Heights in Huber Heights, Ohio.
    Ace started off with a short but rocking set.
    My only complaint is that his set is not long enough but it was great to see him again.
    His band kicks butt and Ace is still amazing.
    He’s still making great albums too.
    Then Alice and his band came on roughly 30 minutes after Ace and did another classic performance.
    There is no such thing as a bad Alice show.
    Lots of different songs added to the set, and a awesome stage set too.
    I’m glad I saw Alice again. He’s forever awesome.
    Still making great albums also.
    And I’m glad I was able to show my girlfriend this amazing concert.
    I’ve converted her into being a big Alice and Ace fan.

    Alice Cooper Band Members:

    Ace Frehley Band Members:

    Alice Cooper Set List:

    1. Feed My Frankenstein
    2. No More Mr. Nice Guy
    3. Bed Of Nails
    4. Rock And Roll (The Velvet Underground cover)
    5. Fallen In Love
    6. Go Man Go
    7. Under My Wheels
    8. He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask)
    9. Social Debris
    10. I’m Eighteen
    11. Poison
    12. Nita Strauss Guitar Solo
    13. Billion Dollar Babies
    14. Roses On White Lace
    15. My Stars
    16. Devils Food
    17. Black Widow (Band Jam/Drum Solo)
    18. Steven
    19. Dead Babies
    20. I Love The Dead
    21. Escape
    22. Teenage Frankenstein
    23. School’s Out

    Ace Frehley Set List:

    1. Rocket Ride
    2. Parasite
    3. Strutter
    4. Rip It Out
    5. Never In My Life (Mountain cover-some of it)
    6. Good Times Bad Times (Led Zeppelin cover)
    7. Detroit Rock City
    8. New York Groove
    9. Shock Me
    10. Ace Guitar Solo (included bits of the James Bond Theme, The Beatles’ Day Tripper, ZZ Top’s La Grange)
    11. Deuce

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