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Great Music & Storytelling: Kevin Costner & Modern West Concert Review

I saw Kevin Costner & Modern West in concert Saturday night in Corbin, Kentucky.
Very good show.
I’ve been a fan of Kevin as an actor since at least 1991, but until somewhat recently, I was not aware of his music.
I’m glad I discovered it.
He has 5 albums (and I hope a 6th one is coming because many new songs were played at this show).
All the albums are very good. My favorite one is called From Where I Stand.
The show starts off with a montage of many of his movies throughout the years.
Then the band comes on and plays for roughly 90 minutes, maybe a little more.
Such a great time.
I’m glad I can say I got to see another person I’ve admired for many years.
And he is a very good singer and his band is great.
And he’s just a cool guy. He tells a lot of stories.
For example, when he told his Dad he was going to be an actor, his Dad’s head hit the kitchen table and asked him a bunch of questions.
Later on in his career, when Kevin told his Dad that he was going to direct, he said his Dad’s head hit the kitchen table even harder and said Kevin this acting thing is going so well so why screw it up by directing. Great story.
Ultimately, Kevin said regardless of what you do in life, go for it at 90 miles an hour.
Check them out.

Kevin Costner & Modern West Set List:

  1. Red River
  2. Long Hot Night
  3. Night We Let Go (New Song)
  4. 90 Miles An Hour
  5. Down In Nogales
  6. Chasing The Wind (New Song)
  7. Give A Little Love (New Song)
  8. I Can’t Do This Without You
  9. I Won’t Stop Loving You
  10. Rollin’ (New Song)
  11. Alive In The City
  12. Long Way From Home
  13. Hey Man What About You
  14. When The Angels Came Down
  15. Mr. Tambourine Man

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