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“Soldiers, soldiers, Fighting the Lord’s Battle Plan” Stryper Concert Review

       Fourth time is the charm: I FINALLY saw Stryper!!! (I’ve tried to see them 3 other times over the past year, but ended up not being able to go due to work, illness, and Stryper cancelling a show). Nothing stopped me this time.

      They have been a band since 1983 and they’re still as great as ever. Awesome singing and phenomenal musicians. Still making great albums (they have many), and what can I say? They rock!!!!
       Thank you guys so much for sharing your gift of music to us fans. Keep on rocking!
       The opener, The Fifth, was also a very good, solid rock band. I really enjoyed them as well.

Stryper Band Members:

Set List:

  1. Sing-Along Song
  2. More Than a Man
  3. Surrender
  4. Calling on You
  5. Free
  6. In God We Trust
  7. Revelation
  8. Sorry
  9. Transgressor
  10. All for One
  11. Always There for You
  12. Divider
  13. No Rest for the Wicked
  14. No More Hell to Pay
  15. The Valley
  16. Yahweh
  17. Soldiers Under Command
  18. To Hell With the Devil

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