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    The Beekeeper Movie Review

    I finally saw the movie The Beekeeper in theaters.

    It is the latest Jason Statham movie.

    I was late getting into his movies (The Expendables was the first that really got me hooked.), but once I did, I became an instant fan.

    I own most of his movies and like them all.  Some more than others, but that’s with anything.

    I think The Beekeeper is one of his best.

    It is a very satisfying action movie.

    He plays a retired “beekeeper”, which is a very off the grid agent that keeps things balanced.

    In the movie, he literally is a beekeeper working on this woman’s farm, when he later finds her dead of a suicide.

    As it turns out, she was conned out of all her money by a computer call in company.

    Statham spends the movie going after this company, companies like it, and the people involved the best way he knows how.

    Again, a very satisfying action movie.

    I really enjoyed it.

    I grew up on movies like this so I always have time for a great action movie.

    Way to go Statham!!