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Mammoth WVH/Nita Strauss Concert Review

My girlfriend Mariah Startzman and I went to see Mammoth WVH (Wolfgang Van Halen) and Nita Strauss in concert.

I had seen Mammoth before and Nita playing guitar for Alice Cooper many times, but Mariah had not seen either, and I had not seen Nita solo.

Nita and her band opened the show with a tight, heavy set.

Half of the set was instrumental and the other half featured vocals by the singer of Deadlands Kasey Karlsen.

Nita is a great guitar player, lots of stage presence, and has a great solo band.  While not doing this, she plays guitar for Alice Cooper.

Check out her music and go see her live.  She rocks!!

Then Mammoth WVH took the stage.

This is Wolfgang Van Halen’s band.  In the studio, he has done everything on the first two albums, but live, he needs a band.

I first saw them when Wolfgang started doing headline shows in 2021.  It was his third ever headline show.

It was a very special show, but after seeing him and the band this time, I can tell he is a lot more confident on stage and has a lot more seasoning.

Like in 2021, though, the band rocked.

Wolfgang is a very talented, special singer/songwriter/musician.

He has it all and is great at all.

As great a musician as he is, I’m most impressed with his singing and songwriting capabilities.

He has a great future in music I think.

Only two albums so far, but I’m sure there will be many more to come.  I certainly hope so.

Check out Mammoth WVH.

He/they are awesome.

Great show.  Mariah and I had a great time.

Mammoth WVH Set List:

  1. I’m Alright
  2. Right?
  3. Epiphany
  4. Miles Above Me
  5. Like A Pastime
  6. Horribly Right
  7. Optimist
  8. Stone
  9. Distance (Acoustic-Wolfgang does this by himself.)
  10. Think It Over (His Dad Edward Van Halen’s favorite song)
  11. Mammoth
  12. You’re To Blame
  13. Take A Bow
  14. Encore:  Another Celebration At The End Of The World
  15. Don’t Back Down

Nita Strauss Set List:

  1. Summer Storm
  2. Our Most Desperate Hour
  3. Mariana Trench
  4. Alegria
  5. The Quest/Drum Solo
  6. The Wolf You Feed
  7. Through The Noise
  8. Dead Inside
  9. Victorious

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