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    Bon Jovi Forever Album Release

    Bon Jovi released their 16th studio album called Forever on June 7 of 2024.

    This album is very much a comeback for singer/songwriter Jon Bon Jovi because he had vocal surgery last year and wasn’t sure he could sing at all anymore.

    As of this writing, he is still recovering from this surgery. 

    However, he and his band, which includes original members Tico Torres (drums), David Bryan (keyboards), Hugh McDonald (bass), and now Phil X (guitar), John Shanks (guitar, and also co-producer and co-songwriter), and Everett Bradley (percussion, backing vocals), were able to make this album while Jon has been recovering.

    If you are a fan of everything the band have done since 2000, then you should enjoy this album.

    If you just prefer their 1980s material, then stay away from it because it doesn’t sound like those songs.

    Me?  I’m a fan of all of their albums. Some more than others, but all nonetheless, and I definitely like this one.

    It’s Jon being very much a mature singer/songwriter now (think Bruce Springsteen) and he has been this way really since the 1990s.

    I think every Bon Jovi album is very much a Bon Jovi sounding album, but again, Jon has really turned into more of a Springsteen type of songwriter, and I don’t think this is a bad thing.

    I do wish they still rocked like they did in the 80s and there is still some of that (Living Proof may have been able to fit on one of their 80s albums.), but also, they moved so far away from the You Give Love A Bad Name, Breakout, and In And Out Of Love type songs a long time ago.

    But having said that, I still think they rock enough and Jon is an excellent songwriter so I’m good with this album.

    Lots of good songs on here.  In fact, I don’t think any of them are bad.  Some are a bit sentimental (Kiss The Bride is about a father, he actually, giving his daughter away at her wedding, but I do think it’s a good song.) but again, Jon is great at writing these types of songs.

    Then there are songs like Legendary, which is the first single, that somewhat rocks, but is also very catchy and again with heartfelt lyrics.

    Living Proof, as I mentioned before, definitely rocks.

    That and My First Guitar may be my favorites as of this writing.  Jon actually mentions my favorite band KISS twice in this song, which I appreciate.

    People’s House and Walls of Jericho are favorites too.

    Hollow Man is an excellent acoustic song (think Bruce Springsteen Nebraska album era or maybe even Bob Dylan).

    Really all of these songs are heartfelt and meaningful, lyrically, and Jon sings them well.

    I’m glad Jon and the band were able to make this album and I hope Jon gets his voice back enough to where they can tour.

    His voice does sound good on this album, and he’s already sung live a little bit, but he’s been saying he’s not yet able to sing for 2.5 hours multiple nights a week yet.  And he’s not sure if he can sing that much anymore.  Time will tell.

    Anyway, all my best to him because he is indeed a very good singer and songwriter and has matured as both with age.

    And his band has always been great.

    Rock on Jon and thanks for making another solid, heartfelt album.

    I also bought the album digitally on their website because it came with two bonus tracks, one of which is the song That Was Then, This Is Now, which is really good.

    Again, I like the album and I’m glad Jon was able to do it.

    Is it my favorite?  No, but I like it.  Keep making music sir!!