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My 7th Concert: Aerosmith/Fuel Concert Review

Aerosmith is one of my favorite bands ever.

I basically love all of their albums, especially the 70s ones, but the later ones are great too.

In fact, I started being a fan after hearing their 1997 song Pink, from their Nine Lives album, in cooking class in high school.

That started my fandom of Aerosmith.  Great place to start.

This was my first time seeing them in concert.

They were on their Just Push Play album tour.

I did not love that album immediately, but it grew on me very quickly, and I played it a lot after it was released and still really like it.

Fuel opened.

They were on their second album at the time called Something Like Human.

There was a show on VH1 at the time called Rock Show, and they used to play Fuel’s videos, particularly Jesus Or A Gun, from their first album Sunburn.

I really liked them and still do.

It was great seeing them open the show.

Aerosmith played 5 songs from Just Push Play, as well as a lot of their songs throughout their history.

Aerosmith has such a discography that they can skip over hits (they have so many, see set list below) in a show, and yet, still give you a full, amazing show.

Steven Tyler is phenomenal as a vocalist and has a lot of energy.

Joe Perry and Brad Whitford are a phenomenal guitar team.  Joe gets most of the attention, but Brad deserves just as much attention. 

Tom Hamilton and Joey Kramer are a phenomenal rhythm section.  Again, Steven and Joe get most of the attention in this band, but all the guys carry their weight and really are a band.

I’m so glad I got to see them on this tour.

They actually had a b-stage out on the lawn of the amphitheater.

They played three songs on that stage. 

My seat was way in the back, so I was closer to the b-stage. 

Either way, I had a good view throughout, even though the pictures below are not great. 

This was in the days of using disposable cameras, and there is a reflection of me taking a screen shot of them on my phone to put onto this website, but hey, it’s ok.

I feel like I should be saying more here, but this is what’s on my mind as I type this.

I’ve loved Aerosmith now for 25 years and I always will.

Since this show, I have seen them two more times.  I’ve seen Brad with Derek St. Holmes (Whitford/St. Holmes) and met him and Derek.  And I’ve seen Joe with his own band The Joe Perry Project.

Just awesome talents, all of them, and they’ll always be in my top 5 or top 10 favorite bands of all time.

Aerosmith Band Members:

Fuel Band Members:

Aerosmith Set List:

  1. Beyond Beautiful
  2. Love In An Elevator
  3. Jaded
  4. Just Push Play
  5. Big Ten Inch Record
  6. Fly Away From Home
  7. Pink
  8. Mama Kin
  9. Same Old Song And Dance
  10. Dream On
  11. Toys In The Attic
  12. Angel’s Eye
  13. Draw The Line
  14. Under My Skin
  15. Seasons Of Wither
  16. Cryin’ 
  17. I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing
  18. Walk This Way
  19. Uncle Salty
  20. Sweet Emotion
  21. Livin’ On The Edge
  22. What It Takes
  23. Train Kept-A-Rollin:

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