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Operation: Enduring Metal-Judas Priest/Anthrax Concert Review

During the winter of 2002, I saw Judas Priest and Anthrax for the first time.

This was supposed to happen October 6 of 2001, but due to the terrorist attacks on September 11th, this tour got postponed.

My memories of this show are waiting outside in the cold waiting to get into the venue.  Anthrax Drummer Charlie Benante actually walked around and I said Hi to him.  He had a bodyguard with him and was trying to be incognito so I think he mumbled “how are you doing” to me and kept on walking, which was fine.

He and his band Anthrax kicked major butt that night.

This was still some months after the Anthrax scare that was going on in America, so Singer John Bush at one point said to the crowd “we are the real Anthrax Columbus, Ohio!!!”.  Pretty cool.

John actually went out into the crowd at one point.  

I’ve been a fan of the band since 1999 when Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian started hosting VH1’s Rock Show and watching Anthrax videos on that show.

The band at this time included John, Charlie, and Scott, newcomer at the time Rob Caggiano on Lead Guitar, and Bassist Frank Bello.

I’m glad I was able to see them at this, especially with John Bush on vocals (Singer Joey Belladonna later rejoined a few times and is still their singer as of 2023.).

Then Judas Priest played.

Again, they are one of my favorite bands (arguably the second ever heavy metal band in existence) and they were touring on their Demolition album at the time.

Tim “Ripper” Owens was still the singer at this time (He replaced Rob Halford in 1996.  Halford rejoined in 2003.) and he was/is phenomenal. 

I still love the albums he did with the band (Jugulator, Demolition, and two double live albums 98 Live Meltdown and Live In London).

Very heavy.

Guitarists Glenn Tipton and K.K. Downing are in my view the best guitar duo of all time.

Bassist Ian Hill and Drummer Scott Travis are always solid as a rock.

This show was very LOUD!!!  Still one of the loudest shows I’ve ever seen.

I unfortunately had to leave about halfway through Priest’s set, but I loved what I saw.

I’m glad Rob Halford rejoined, but Tim is the real deal, and in 2023, he is working with K.K. again as part of the band KK’s Priest.  Good stuff.

Oh and Iced Earth were listed on the ticket as the openers but they did not.

Judas Priest Set List:

  1. Metal Gods
  2. Heading Out To The Highway
  3. A Touch Of Evil
  4. Blood Stained
  5. Victim Of Changes 
  6. One On One (New Song)
  7. Diamonds & Rust
  8. The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown)
  9. Beyond The Realms Of Death
  10. Burn Is Hell
  11. Hell Is Home (New Song)-I unfortunately had to leave after this song.
  12. Breaking The Law
  13. Desert Plains
  14. Turbo Lover
  15. Painkiller
  16. Encore1 :  The Hellion/Electric Eye
  17. United
  18. Living After Midnight 
  19. Encore 2:  Hell Bent For Leather

Anthrax Set List:

  1. Among The Living
  2. Got The Time
  3. Fueled
  4. Room For One More
  5. Inside Out
  6. Superhero (New Song)
  7. Antisocial
  8. Caught In A Mosh
  9. Bring The Noise
  10. Only

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