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I Met Mr. Eric Braeden (Victor Newman)

I met a very gracious guy last night at work.

Actor Eric Braeden, star of Young & The Restless, visited WOWK-TV’s studio to be interviewed on 13 News at 7. He was there to promote his meet and greet at the Charleston Town Center, which is today from 2:30-4:30.

Before he was interviewed, I was able to meet and talk with him briefly.

He autographed a Y&R DVD for me and I had my picture taken with him.

For anyone who does not know, Eric Braeden has been on Young & The Restless since 1980, playing the role of businessman Victor Newman.

He has appeared in several other TV shows, including The Rat Patrol, The Six Million Dollar Man, the original Hawaii Five-O, and Gunsmoke.

He has also starred in several movies, including Colussus: The Forbin Project, Escape From The Planet Of The Apes, and Titanic.

Mr. Braeden is also active on Twitter. His hashtag is @EBraeden. He actually tweeted me last week, which was cool.

It was an honor meeting him.

Update in 2023:  Mr. Braeden I can say has been very gracious to me since this meeting, occasionally giving me life advice.  Great man.

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