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Phenomenal: UFO/Saxon/Jared James Nichols Concert Review

Well I saw another PHENOMENAL rock show last night in Cleveland!
I saw the British rock band UFO for the first time and British metal band Saxon for the second time.
They played at the House Of Blues, which I had never been to.
I went with my best friend Jamie McClintic and my friend Kevin Montavon.
Newer artist Jared James Nichols opened with his 3 piece rock band and they were solid.
They sound like very late 60s/early 70s rock, which I’m all about.
Then Saxon came on and just tore the house down.
One reason why I wanted to go to this show is because Saxon and UFO do not tour in the States a lot, although they have come here more in recent years, which is a great thing.
I first saw Saxon in 2015 opening for Judas Priest.
Saxon is a band that have stayed consistent since starting in the mid 70s.
They still put out albums every two or three years (next one coming in 2018).
And they still play very loud!
Everyone in the band is amazing.
Singer Peter “Biff” Byford, guitarists Paul Quinn and Doug Scarratt, bassist Nibbs Carter, and drummer Nigel Glockler.
If you can ever go see Saxon, I highly recommend it. And check out some of their discography.
Now, on to the headliner, UFO!!!!
I’ve been a fan of this band for many years, but never completely understood the love that some people have for this band. Until last night, that is.
This band was formed by their singer Phil Mogg in the late 60s, and since then, for the most part, they have stayed the course, never achieving Led Zeppelin level of popularity, but their fan base is definitely hardcore.
And even at this point in their careers, this band is still having fun, still putting out good new albums, and like Saxon, are still playing very loud!!
After seeing them, I have achieved a greater appreciation.
Singer Phil Mogg is amazing. He’s in his early 70s now and is still singing great.
Guitarist Vinnie Moore, who has been in the band since 2004, replacing the unbelievable Michael Schenker, is an absolute shredder on guitar.
Keyboardist/rhythm guitarist Paul Raymond is solid, and I must say, still has some pretty amazing hair.
Bassist Rob De Luca, who has been in the band for about 8 years, replacing classic bassist Pete Way, is solid, as well.
And classic drummer Andy Parker is a BEAST!! Again, guys like him who can do what he does at his age are an inspiration.
Radio DJ/ That Metal Show host/UFO fanboy Eddie Trunk would be proud when I say I’m a bigger fan of UFO now.
Again, I’ve been a fan for years, and have most of their albums now, but I still didn’t completely get it.
I always thought of them as a solid band with a few great albums, but that’s it.
But now that I finally saw them, I understand now.
Anyway, another fun night with some amazing bands and amazing friends.
Now I’m done until the end of next month, where I’ll have two concerts to go to in two back to back days.
Love and Peace.

UFO Set List:

  1. Mother Mary
  2. Run Boy Run
  3. Lights Out
  4. Baby Blue
  5. Let It Roll
  6. Only You Can Rock Me
  7. Burn Your House Down
  8. Too Hot To Handle
  9. Messiah Of Love
  10. Love To Love
  11. Rock Bottom
  12. Encore: Cherry
  13. Doctor Doctor
  14. Shoot Shoot

Saxon Set List:

  1. Battering Ram
  2. This Town Rocks
  3. Sacrifice
  4. Power And The Glory
  5. Solid Ball Of Rock
  6. The Eagle Has Landed
  7. Dallas 1 PM
  8. 20, 000 Feet (Venue Choice)
  9. Crusader
  10. Wheels Of Steel
  11. Strong Arm Of The Law (Venue Choice)
  12. Denim And Leather
  13. Princess Of The Night

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