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I Met Dee!! My Scarefest Weekend Experience

I went to Scarefest 2019 today in Lexington, Kentucky.
There were several cool celebrities there like Lee Majors (who I have met twice, very nice man), Bruce Campbell, Clu Gulager, Mick Foley, and others.
But I went there specifically to meet one of my biggest heroes: Dee Snider!!
Dee signed all of my stuff.
We conversed.
He insisted I take pictures of him signing my stuff.
He was funny. He was sooo nice to me.
I had tweeted Dee on and off a bunch for a few years, and one day this year, I sent him a few pics of the stuff I have of his work (CDs, DVDs) saying I need to figure out what to bring to this event for him to sign.
He was blown away by it.
Instead of just saying oh that’s cool Lucas or words to that effect, Dee said “You’re hardcore. Bring what you got and I’ll sign all of it”. And he did.
I’ve been a fan for 21 years.
I sadly never got to see his band Twisted Sister in concert, but I did finally see Dee in 2017 in Northfield, Ohio.
And I saw him in Kettering, Ohio this summer with Kings Of Chaos.
It was an honor meeting Dee today.
He went above and beyond for me, and he didn’t have to.
But I will forever appreciate his kindness and generosity.
And thank you to Danny Stanton for helping make this happen for me as well.
The last thing I said to Dee was that I’m a fan for life. And I am.
Another big highlight in my life.
This is what I live for.

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