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70s Glam Rock at it’s Finest: Angel and The Sweet Concert Review

Where do I begin?

Well, I’ll start with that days like this are what I always wish for.

And that is going to a great concert, seeing/meeting great bands and people, and of course, hearing great music.

All of that happened at this concert.

I saw for the second time one of my favorite bands of all time, Angel, and for the first time, I saw The Sweet.

Two great bands from the 1970s.

Angel started the show with a phenomenal set of songs and volume.

Original members Frank Dimino (Lead Vocals) and Punky Meadows (Lead Guitar) are still kicking butt, along with their phenomenal band of Danny Farrow Anniello (Rhythm Guitar), Charlie Calv (Keyboards), Steve E. Ojaine (Bass), and Billy Orrico (Drums).

Angel, like I said in my earlier blog from this year (link here 3/12/2023 ) are a band that in my opinion should be so much bigger and more known.

They had it all.  The talent, the songs, the look, a great record company, everything. 

But for whatever reason, they never got past a cult following.  I don’t understand it because they were and are just a phenomenal band.

Frank Dimino to me is one of the best singers out there even today.  He’s always been great and has not lost anything in his voice.

Punky Meadows has always been a great guitarist and I think he has gotten better with age.

The whole band is just really tight and solid as a rock.

And they’re still putting out great new albums (Risen in 2019 and this year’s Once Upon A Time are two favorites of mine, but I’m biased admittedly and love all their albums).

I’m glad that after many years of not being a band that they did return a few years ago and are showing people they still do kick butt with the best of them

And I am so grateful that I have been able to see them again, and hopefully more in the future.

And I forgot to say that I met all the guys at this show too!!!!!!!

I was able to go to their meet and greet before their show and got all of my Angel CDs as well as Frank’s and Punky’s solo albums signed, and got my picture taken with all the guys.

They could not have been nicer.

I did not expect them to sign everything (the rules stated to bring 3 items) but I brought 10, if nothing else to show them how much a fan I am.  And Punky told me “we’ll sign everything”.

Danny even jokingly said to me about Angel’s White Hot (my favorite Angel studio album) if I had heard that one yet?  Haha.

I cannot be more grateful to all the guys, especially Punky and Danny, who are quite active on Facebook and fan friendly with everyone.  In fact, they knew who I was once I introduced myself. 

Thank you all.

I love you guys.

The Sweet closed the show.

They were very good, and rocked the house just as much as Angel did.

The Sweet are actually two bands (this one that is authorized by original member Steve Priest’s family, and one featuring original guitarist Andy Scott).

This has happened a lot in the last several years with bands going out under the same band name.

Regardless of what anyone thinks about that (I personally wish everyone would have their own name), I do understand it and still support all because they’re keeping the music alive and if people want to hear the songs, then they should be able to deliver them to the people.

And I haven’t seen Andy Scott’s version (I’d like to), but this version is very good.

Singer Patrick Stone, Guitarist Jimmy Burkard, Bassist Stevie Stewart, Drummer Richie Onori, and Keyboardist , give the songs the justice they deserve.

Loud and rocking.

And the fans loved every second of it.

Thanks everyone for bringing the rock.  Thanks to The King of Clubs for bringing these bands to their venue and for their hospitality, and thanks fellow music fan Michael Fedok for a great conversation while hanging out waiting for the meet and greet and show to happen.

Great day.

Angel Band Members:

The Sweet Band Members:

Angel Set List:

  1. On The Rocks
  2. Can You Feel It
  3. Mirrors
  4. Wild And Hot
  5. The Fortune
  6. We Were The Wild
  7. Got Love If You Want It
  8. Don’t Leave Me Lonely
  9. It’s Alright
  10. Pressure Point
  11. I Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore
  12. Feelin’ Right
  13. Rock & Rollers
  14. Encore:  The Tower

The Sweet Set List:

  1. Action
  2. Teenage Rampage
  3. Set Me Free
  4. Love Is Like Oxygen
  5. Sweet F.A.
  6. No You Don’t
  7. Done Me Wrong Alright/Roadhouse Blues/Drum Solo/Done Me Wrong Alright cont.
  8. Little Willy/Blockbuster/Wig-Wam Bam
  9. AC/DC
  10. Fox On The Run
  11. Ballroom Blitz

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