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Bands/Artists I Still Want To See And Haven’t

I have seen many bands/artists since my first concert in 1998.

However, I have not seen everyone, and unfortunately, many I’ll never see because they’re dead, they don’t come anywhere near me, or they just don’t do it at all anymore.

However, there are still some that I’m going to see and hopefully will someday see.

I wanted to show you my list of bands/artists I’m going to see soon or hope to someday see.

Here they are:

John Paul Jones-I’m seeing him twice at a festival in Knoxville, Tennessee in March of 2024.  This was supposed to happen in March of 2020, but unfortunately, COVID 19 happened and shut down the world.  I HOPE nothing bad happens this time.

Jimmy Page-I’m including him on this list as a hopeful, but it won’t happen because he’s unofficially retired.  He’s said for years that he will go back on the road and do shows, but he’s yet to do it.  But hey, I can keep hoping.  Especially since he recently performed at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony, playing the Link Wray classic instrumental Rumble.  Come on Jimmy!!

Led Zeppelin-It will NEVER happen, but I can dream.  However, I’ve seen Robert Plant twice with Alison Krauss.  I have Jimmy Page’s autograph and dream I’ll see him somehow someday.  I’m seeing John Paul Jones twice in March of 2024.  And I’ve seen the son of John Bonham, Jason, 4 times with his Zeppelin tribute band Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Evening (was Experience) and twice with Sammy Hagar & The Circle.

David Gilmour-He’s the last member of Pink Floyd still around I have yet to see.  I keep hoping.

Ritchie Blackmore (Blackmore’s Night)-I keep hoping but I doubt it because he and his wife’s band do not play anywhere near me.

Madonna-I’m seeing her in January of 2024.  I was supposed to see her this year, but the tour was postponed.

Mr. Big-My girlfriend Mariah and I are seeing them on her birthday (February 20) in 2024.

John 5-Phenomenal guitarist.  I’ve seen him 4 times when he was in Rob Zombie’s band.  However, I’ve never seen him solo and Mariah REALLY wants to see him solo, so we are in February of 2024.  Ten days before her birthday.

Danko Jones-They seem to never play in America, but I keep hoping.

Iggy Pop-Mariah and I would love to see Iggy, but again, I don’t know because he only does so many shows now and most are nowhere near.

Jake E. Lee-Great guitar player who had not been active for many years, but became active again a few years ago.  Since COVID, though, he’s been mostly quiet.  So, I don’t know.

Uriah Heep-I sooo want to see them. They still make great albums and tour a lot (they last played America in 2019, but unfortunately, I didn’t go).  I keep hoping.

Mike + The Mechanics-I love this band and hope they play America again.  If not, I’ve seen the main man of the band, Mike Rutherford, with Genesis.

Chris Holmes-Former guitarist of W.A.S.P., who is now a solo artist.  He still makes albums and plays, but he has not played America in quite awhile.  I keep hoping.

The Cult-They still make albums and tour, but I always miss them, somehow.  

Britny Fox-One member still does shows with a new lineup, but I keep hoping the classic lineup will reunite eventually.

Extreme-They just put out a great new album this year, but unfortunately, I missed them in concert.  Hopefully someday I will see them.  If not, I’ve seen singer Gary Cherone sing for The Joe Perry Project.

Black Oak Arkansas-Singer Jim Dandy is still going strong with a great lineup of people.  They just put out a great new covers album called The Devils Jukebox, which I highly recommend checking out.  They’re only doing a few shows for now, but I hope more will happen.

Starz-They mostly play in New Jersey or near there it seems, but I hope they’ll play near me someday.  If not, I’m good.

Biohazard-They reunited this year and are playing a lot and appears to be making a new album, so I think I’m likely to see them.

Bryan Adams-I was supposed to see him this year, but unfortunately, I got pneumonia, and could not go.  So hopefully someday, Mariah and I can go see him.  If not, I’m good.

Fleetwood Mac-Probably not at this point, but maybe someday, I’ll see Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham separately.

Vandenberg-I will be seeing guitarist Adrian Vandenberg and his band Vandenberg in March on a co-headline show with Geoff Tate (original singer of Queensryche, who I have seen twice).  First time seeing Vandenberg.  Still making great albums.

Steve Perry-It will never happen, but hey, I can hope.  He’s at least making albums again.

Mike Tramp-The singer of White Lion and a solo artist.  I’m finally seeing him this week (October 14, 2023).  I was supposed to see him earlier this year, but unfortunately, I got pneumonia, so I could not.  I’m rectifying that Saturday.

Metal Church-Maybe someday.

Bulletboys-Hopefully someday.

Creed-They’re touring in summer of 2024, but tickets have sold so fast I can’t go see them in Cincinnati.  And I’m not traveling further.  Maybe some other time.  If not, I’m good.

Nickelback-I would not mind seeing them, but if I don’t, I’m good.

Limp Bizkit-I would not mind seeing them, but if I don’t, I’m good.

Pantera-I hope to see the lineup of Pantera members Philip H. Anselmo (Vocals) and Rex Brown (Bass) with Zakk Wylde (Guitar) and Charlie Benante (Drums) in concert.  If not, I’m good.

Loudness-I was supposed to see them earlier this year, but they canceled.  If I don’t ever see them, I’m good.

Joe Satriani-I would not mind seeing him, but if not, I’m good.

Trans Siberian Orchestra-I’ve wanted to see them for years, but I just never have.  They come around all the time, but somehow, I always miss them.  Maybe someday.

CTA (California Transit Authority)-Drummer Danny Seraphine, founding member of the band Chicago, has a great band that have put out a few albums and do shows, but if I went, I’d have to travel far, so he is doubtful.  But if not, I have a signed 8×10 of the band, he signed a CD and DVD for me, and signed his book for me.

Peter Cetera-Another founding member of Chicago.  He’s been very quiet since COVID happened, so he may be doubtful.  Either way, I’m good.

The Godz-They are back together and I hope to see them someday.

Original Misfits-I’ve seen everyone in this band separately, but not together.  They’ve only done a handful of big shows in the last few years, so we’ll see.

The Sweet-There are two versions of this band.  I’ve seen one of them.  The other seems to tour exclusively overseas, but hey, I can hope I’ll see that version someday.  Either way, I’m good.

Dirty Honey-A great newer band.  

Jefferson Starship-Maybe someday.  If not, I’m good.

AC/DC-I’ve seen them, but Mariah has not.  So if they tour I intend to take her.

Toto-I intend to see them in April of 2024 on a tour with Journey.  If not, I’m good.

Phish-Maybe someday, but if not, I’m good.

Phil Lesh-The only member of The Grateful Dead still around I’ve not seen.  He only plays occasionally now, but if I can see him, great.  If not, I’m good.

Martin Barre-Former guitarist of Jethro Tull.  I was supposed to see him this year, but he canceled for some reason.  Maybe someday.  If not, I’m good.

Manowar-They don’t tour America now, but hopefully they will eventually.

KK’s Priest-I’m seeing them March 16 of 2024.

That’s all I can think of.

Yes that’s a lot, and hopefully, I’ll see most of them someday, but if not, I’m good. 

I keep saying I’m near the end of my concert treks because as much as I love the shows, I hate everything that goes with them.  Buying the tickets, the waiting for the day to come, will the show happen?, traveling to and from, gas, parking, getting in and out, etc.

And I’ve seen almost everyone I want to see in this life.

Yes that’s a big list still, but nowhere as big as it used to be.

So who knows when I’ll stop, or if I’ll stop.  But I’m HOPING that starting in 2024, I will finally start slowing down at least.

We’ll see.

Either way, I love concerts and always will.  And I cannot live without music in my life.

So stay tuned to this page for more reviews and blogs.

Rock on!

Lucas Hannon

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