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Finally!! I Saw Mike Tramp

I FINALLY saw Mike Tramp in concert.

He is the singer/songwriter/founder of White Lion, has had other bands before and after White Lion, and has been a solo artist since the late 90s.

This year is the first time he has toured America extensively in many years so I did not want to miss this.

I was supposed to see him earlier this year, but I had pneumonia and could not go.

I’m sorry I missed him that time, but wow, he was worth the wait.

He and his great band played a bunch of White Lion songs (he’s supporting his Songs Of White Lion album which are re-arranged versions of White Lion songs), as well as one solo song.

All great songs, in my opinion.

Mike told tons of stories (He should write a book!!) and he and the band were definitely having fun on stage.

Mike said this tour was a test run and that more is to come, so that’s great news.

This was definitely another one of my favorite shows.

Even the local bands, Pettibone and Karma 10, were good too.

White Lion is definitely a favorite band of mine and Mike has always been a great singer/songwriter.

Some of his lyrics are still very topical (When The Children Cry, Cry For Freedom, Love Don’t Come Easy, and on and on)

Please seek out his music (I’ve included his discography below).

And SURPRISE:  Mike announced near the end of the show that he was going to come out and have a beer with everyone, free of charge.  Meaning he was coming out and hanging with everyone, signing stuff, and taking pictures.

Now, I know he’s been doing paid meet and greets, and maybe this was one of those, but I was able to meet him, get him to sign my concert ticket (sorry I had nothing else) and got pictures taken with him for free.

I told him how much of a fan I am and about being sick earlier this year so I had to miss him.  He said “I know what you mean brother”.  He thanked me and I left

See, that’s really going the extra mile for your fans.

Most bands/artists don’t do this.

He clearly cares about his fans and I appreciate that very much.

Not everyone stuck around, and I understand that because they have things to do, like getting home for one.

But many did stick around, as did I, because I was not going to miss this opportunity to meet and thank one of my favorite singers and songwriters.

I’m glad I did it and if Mike ever reads this, I again want to thank him for all the great music, the great show, and for taking the time to meet his fans.  

Thank you so much sir and please keep on rocking!!

P.S.  Since posting this, Mike did read my review, thanked me, and even shared it on his Facebook page too!!  Thank you sir.  I added his comment and share to the picture gallery.



  1. Another Fine Mess!
  2. Message From The Heart
  3. Mabel 4-Ever
  4. We Are The 80s
  5. Extranos


  1. Studs

White Lion

  1. Fight To Survive
  2. Pride
  3. Big Game
  4. Mane Attraction
  5. Remembering White Lion (Re-records of White Lion songs.  Also known as Last Roar.)
  6. Rocking The USA (Double Live Album under the name Tramp’s White Lion)
  7. The Definitive Rock Collection (Best of double album that also includes a live show from The Ritz in the 80s)
  8. Return Of The Pride

Freak Of Nature

  1. Freak Of Nature
  2. Gathering Of Freaks
  3. Outcasts


  1. Capricorn
  2. Recovering The Wasted Years
  3. More To Life Than This
  4. Rock ‘N’ Roll Alive (Double Live Album)
  5. Songs I Left Behind
  6. The Rock ‘N’ Roll Circuz
  7. Stand Your Ground
  8. Cobblestone Street
  9. Museum
  10. Nomad
  11. Maybe Tomorrow
  12. Stray From The Flock
  13. Second Time Around
  14. Trampthology (Compilation w/1 New Song)
  15. For Forste Gang
  16. Songs Of White Lion

Band Members:

Set List:

  1. Hungry
  2. Lonely Nights
  3. Tell Me
  4. Living On The Edge
  5. Cry For Freedom
  6. Love Don’t Come Easy
  7. Till Death Do Us Part
  8. Have You Ever (solo song)
  9. Little Fighter
  10. Broken Heart
  11. Wait
  12. When The Children Cry
  13. Lady Of The Valley
  14. Farewell To You

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    • The Ardent Fan

      Yeah I knew it would be great, but I was blown away. And I was extremely blown away that he took the time to meet the fans. I’ve seen a few people do that, and I’m sure a lot do, but it’s nowhere near everyone. And I understand because if say a Paul McCartney stopped for 5 people, it would turn into 500 people and he would be swamped. But that was awesome that he did that. But of course, the show was great anyways. I really like the Songs Of White Lion album.

  • Nina Koesterer

    I loved reading this and totally agree with you on writing a book. Try to find a story called “A man, a car, and a guitar.” Although it’s not a book, it’s pretty close.. Take care!!

  • Donna

    Totally awesome! I met Mike on Oct 8th in Glens Falls NY. Great show & he was humble & down to earth.
    We made a little shrine for him with many old metal edge, hit parader etc magazine photos of Mike. He was like wow! Do I have to sign all of thes? Lol
    So happy I went to see him! 🙂

    • The Ardent Fan

      Wow that’s great. Yeah he mentioned some of those magazines he had in his collection when talking to the crowd on stage. I still love Metal Edge. It’s a website now, but I really miss it as a magazine. I’m glad you had a great time too.

    • The Ardent Fan

      Thank you. Yeah hopefully I’ll see him again someday. And that time, I’ll have more for him to sign. I would have brought my CDs if I had known he was doing a free meet and greet after the show. But he signed my ticket so it’s all good. Either way, I had a great time and yes it was an awesome bonus to meet him.

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