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KK’s Priest The Sinner Rides Again Album Review

Guitarist K.K. Downing (formerly of Judas Priest) has released his second album with his band KK’s Priest.

It is called The Sinner Rides Again, released on September 29 of 2023.

The band includes singer Tim “Ripper” Owens (also formerly of Judas Priest from 1996 to 2003 when classic singer Rob Halford was not in the band), co-guitarist A.J. Mills, bassist Tony Newton, and drummer Sean Elg.

Honestly, I was not a fan of this album when I first bought it.

I liked the first album, Sermons of the Sinner, but this album I was not into at all.

I thought everything sounded great, sound wise, but I just was not wild about the songs at all for some reason.

But after a few listens, it has grown on me and I’m digging it now.

All of the instrumentation, the vocals, and the production and mix are very good.

Tim has always been an amazing singer and I’m glad he and KK are working together again.

It’s a SUPER Heavy Metal album for sure.

I’m glad K.K. is playing again, has a very good band, and I would like to see them in concert if they play in America someday.

However, I will also say this:  I’m TIRED of reading interviews where K.K. is complaining about not being in Judas Priest anymore.

OK I know this happens all the time.  A band member is fired or quits a band and they air their grievances in public, on both sides usually.

And I know he’s answering the question(s) he’s being asked by interviewers, which is fair enough, but I am beyond tired of reading about him complaining and wishing he was still in the band.

He QUIT!!!!!

He has a very good band now and should focus on that, in my opinion.

Yes I’m a HUGE Judas Priest fan and KK, along with guitarist Glenn Tipton, will always be my favorite guitar duo of all time.

And I would welcome K.K.’s return to the band, but until then, I wish he would just focus on this band that he has now.

That’s all.

Again, this is a Heavy Metal album and I love Heavy Metal.

Having said that, though, this one had to grow on me.

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