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The Rolling Stones Hackney Diamonds Album Review

“The Greatest Rock And Roll Band In The World” (true), The Rolling Stones, are back with their first studio album of all new material since 2005.

It is called Hackney Diamonds, released on October 27 of 2023.

They’ve put out a few new songs since 2005, and released a great album of blues covers in 2016, but again, this is the first full on new album since 2005.

Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Ronnie Wood are still rocking better than anyone, in my opinion.

These songs can be put alongside all the other classic Stones songs and fit well with them.

Many guests are on this album too.  Sir Paul McCartney plays bass on one song, Lady Gaga sings with Mick on one song and Stevie Wonder plays on that very same song.  Sir Elton John plays piano on two songs too.

Classic Members Charlie Watts (RIP) is the drummer on two songs, and classic bassist Bill Wyman plays on one of those same songs!!

I miss Charlie.  He’s my favorite drummer, and I honestly thought the guys would call it a day when he passed a few years ago.

But they didn’t and I’m glad they didn’t.

The Rolling Stones have been around since 1962.  No band that I’m aware of has been around for that long.

This band never broke up.

People have made fun of their ages for decades (yes they’re old) but guess what?  They’re still better than every band on the planet, as far as I’m concerned.

I saw them in 2015 and of all the shows I’ve seen and will see, no show will ever top that night for me.

And again with this new album, Hackney Diamonds, they have certainly carved out several more diamonds, if you will, for us to enjoy.

I’ve loved this band since I was a little kid and I always will.

And I’m sooooooooo glad they’re still here to rock our socks off.

And this is my album of the year for 2023.  There have been many great albums released this year, but this is my favorite for sure.

Check it out.


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