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Paul Rodgers Midnight Rose Album Review

One of the greatest singers ever, Paul Rodgers, is back with another great album called Midnight Rose.

It was released on September 22 of 2023.

This is Paul’s first studio album in quite a few years, and even though he had some very bad health issues (several strokes and actually could not speak or sing at one point), he is back better than ever and singing like he always has, which is perfect, in my opinion.

I know there’s no such thing as perfection, but to me, his voice is perfection.

Always has been since he sang in the band Free in the 60s/70s, then Bad Company, The Firm, Queen + Paul Rodger, everything he’s ever sung.

He continues to write great songs, as evidenced by this album, and can sing the phone book, as far as I’m concerned, and it would sound perfect.

This album also has great packaging, including several awesome pictures and anecdotes and liner notes (Pictures below).

I’m most and foremost glad that Paul is doing well now since his scary health battles, but I’m also glad that he bestowed upon us another awesome album of great songs.

Thank you Paul and shame on the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame for still not inducting him.

Paul is the best!!

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