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Lynch Mob Babylon Album Review

Guitarist extraordinaire George Lynch and his band Lynch Mob are back with, dare I say it, their best album and best band lineup ever.

It was released on October 20 of 2023.

George is always making music, putting out albums under different monikers and different people, and has had many lineups of Lynch Mob since starting the band after Dokken’s (the band he was in during the 80s and for the latter part of the 90s for their reunion, and occasionally since then) demise in the 80s.

But I’m telling you this may be the best band lineup he’s ever had outside of Dokken.

Along with George on guitar, the band includes singer Gabriel Colon, bassist Jaron Gulino, and drummer Jimmy D’Anda.

I saw this band earlier this year (with Dokken actually, George played with them too for the last 3 songs of their set) and I can say that on stage and on album, WOW!!!!

Just rocking the entire time.

In fact, the band played two songs from this album at this show, which was not yet released.

They played two songs because one went down sooooo well with the crowd that the band, and especially George, was shocked, and he asked the crowd if they wanted to hear more new stuff, and they applauded.

I did not see people walking out, getting beer and nachos, as I often see people do at shows when a song they don’t know or care about is playing.  They stuck around and loved it.

Which I hate by the way when people walk out.

If you don’t like it fine or seriously need to go to the restroom or eat, fine.  But when I go to a show, I want to hear the music.  Old songs and new songs, if they got them.

I’m not there to drink and eat nachos, hot dogs, etc.

I’m there to ROCK!!!!

Anyway, this band, as is, is AWESOME!!

This album is AWESOME!!

Check it out.

And they will be touring in 2024, so go see them if you can.

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