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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Movie Review

As I’ve said in previous blogs, I was not a horror movie fan growing up.

It was not until 2022 that I finally watched all of the Freddy Krueger and Jason movies.

As of November 26 of 2023, I can say that I finally saw The Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie.

I watched the 40th anniversary (the movie is now 50 years old as of this writing) DVD with 4 commentary tracks.

Director/Producer/Co-Writer Tobe Hooper made this movie in 1973.

It eventually spawned several sequels and remakes, but this is the original.

I can definitely say it is a scary movie, but not a very bloody/gory movie like I thought it would be.

It’s way more of a psychological horror movie.

It’s about a group of people on a road trip that goes very wrong, in which (spoiler alert) most of them are killed by a cannibal named Leatherface, who uses a chainsaw to cut up their bodies and he and his two brothers eat them and their other victims.

Most of this is not shown, again this is not a blood and guts movie by any means, but if you watch it, you get the point.

Very effective story, and it still holds up.

It’s always been heralded as one of the scariest movies (it was not shown in UK theaters for 28 years because it was deemed unacceptable viewing to the general public) , and even though it’s not very bloody, I’ll agree it’s definitely scary.

And even though it was a very low budget movie, it was well done, and again, still holds up 50 years later.

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