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Ace Frehley 10,000 Volts Album Review

I have been a fan of Ace Frehley, original guitarist and co-singer/co-songwriter of KISS, since 1998.

I love all of his solo albums and everything he did with KISS, so I figured I would love 10,000 Volts, Ace’s latest solo album released on February 23 of 2024.

I preordered it and received it on release day.

I’ve listened to it several times and even though it’s definitely not my favorite of his, I do really like it a lot.

It’s classic Ace.

Lots of rocking tunes, lots of melody, and lots of guitars.

I think this is definitely Ace’s most catchy solo album.

I really like every song.

I’ve read a lot of different reviews of this album and some people really love it and some really hate it.

But that’s with anything really.

I think if you are an Ace Frehley fan, you will enjoy this album.

Many have said this is his best solo album since his first one, released in 1978.

While I don’t agree with that, I do really like it, more with each listen, and I think Ace has done a great job with this album.

Well produced and mixed, and the songs rock but yet again are catchy at the same time.

Rock on Ace!!

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