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Lisa Frankenstein Movie Review

My girlfriend Mariah Startzman and I recently saw a movie in theaters called Lisa Frankenstein.

It was released on February 9 of 2024.

OK SPOILER ALERT:  I’m going to talk about a lot of things about this movie, so read ahead if you wish.  If not, either way, I recommend this movie because it’s a fun reinterpretation of Frankenstein, hence the title.  OK onward.

The movie is about a teenage girl (Lisa Swallows, played by Kathryn Newton), who is living in a foster home, and is very much a loner and does not fit in any way at all.

Lisa’s stepmother does not like her at all, her father is indifferent, and her stepsister tries to be her friend and include her in things, but again, Lisa is very much a loner.

Lisa likes to go to a cemetery and she becomes quite enamored with one grave in particular.  This grave is of a man (listed only as “The Creature in the credits, played by Cole Sprouse) who died in 1837 (this movie is set in 1989) of a lightning strike.

Well, as it turns out, a bolt of lightning ends up bringing him back to life and he goes to Lisa’s house.  

Lisa is spooked at first, but ultimately, takes him in, gives him clothes, and becomes friends with him.

The Creature is missing his left ear and right hand, and with Lisa’s help, they both kill her stepmother so that he can get a new left ear.

Also, they kill a male teenager, who earlier in the movie sexually assaulted her when she was under the influence of a drink, and they take his right hand to put on The Creature.

Lisa and The Creature’s friendship ultimately leads to love, at least on his part, but at this moment, she is obsessed with another teenager.

Although she finds out that this teenager is having a relationship with her sister.

The Creature found out about this before Lisa but since he can’t speak, he was not able to tell her.

The Creature and Lisa kill the teenager too but they let Lisa’s sister go.

Ultimately, Lisa ends up killing herself in a tanning bed (which electrocuted her earlier in the movie and also enabled The Creature to have his new body parts put onto him) and her and The Creature ultimately live happily ever after.

Mariah really wanted to see this movie, and I’m glad that we did because we both agree that it’s a lot of fun.

As I said earlier, it’s a fun reinterpretation of Frankenstein.

I highly recommend seeing it.

Oh and as a REO Speedwagon fan, there is a cool moment in the movie where one of their songs is used.

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