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Gone Are The Days Movie Review

Gone Are The Days was released in 2017.

It stars Lance Henriksen, Tom Berenger, Billy Lush, Meg Steedle, Steve Railsback, and Danny Trejo.

Henriksen plays Taylon, an outlaw who is near the end of his life.

He wants to rob one more bank before he dies so he can give his daughter (Steedle), who does not even know he is her Dad, the money and the money he already has in savings so she can live a good life.

What he does not realize is that she is a prostitute who is being pimped out by Railsback’s character, and so Henriksen needs to get her away from him too.

Berenger plays a sheriff and former Texas Ranger, who has history with Henriksen’s character.

This is definitely a western, but it is really more a character story of someone (Henriksen) at the end of their life.

You watch the movie and wonder what is real and what is perhaps a dream because Henriksen’s character is so far gone.

I found the movie a bit weird because of this, but nevertheless, I really enjoyed it.

I’m a big Lance Henriksen and Tom Berenger fan, as well as Danny Trejo (who has a small but important role in this).

Don’t expect this to be a straight ahead western because it isn’t.

But it is a good movie and I think everyone did a very good job with it.

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