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Scream Queen: My Nightmare On Elm Street Review

Scream Queen:  My Nightmare On Elm Street is a documentary about actor Mark Patton, who is most known as the star of Nightmare On Elm Street 2:  Freddy’s Revenge.

Yes this documentary talks about Mark’s experience working on that movie (one of my favorite horror movies), but this documentary is really his life story.

He talks about his upbringing, about figuring out his sexuality, getting into acting and why he left acting (really off the grid period for many years), and about just surviving all the obstacles that have come his way.

This documentary also shows him going on the road for conventions/fan expos/Comic Cons meeting fans and reuniting with some of his Nightmare On Elm Street 2 cast and crew.  And trying to find some peace with the writer of the movie, who he had major issues with.

Mark has really lived, nearly died, and is still going strong.

His story is extremely compelling and inspiring.

You may even cry a little because there is some heavy stuff in this.  But it is stuff you should know about.  Not just about him, but about humanity in general.  Both good and bad.

I want to wish Mark all the best in the world.

This is a PHENOMENAL documentary.

I HIGHLY recommend seeking out this documentary.

You do not have to be a horror fan or Nightmare On Elm Street fan to watch or enjoy this.

This is a human story.  And one I think everyone should see.

Thank you Mark for this.

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