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Warrant/Firehouse/Bulletboys Concert Review

Last night, Friay June 14 of 2024, I went to the Rose Music Center in Huber Heights, OH to see Warrant, Firehouse, and Bulletboys.

Bulletboys started the night with a 30 minute set of songs, all of which are from their self-titled first album.

Original Singer/Guitarist Marq Torien is a great frontman.  He still has the same vocal range he always has, is a great guitarist, and has some cool stage moves.

His band now also includes Ira Black on Guitar, Brad Lang on Bass, and Fred Aching on Drums.

I wish their set would have been longer, but still, they rocked.

Thank you guys so much for the brief but rocking show.  All your albums rock and I can’t wait to buy the next Bulletboys album.

Firehouse was the second band that played and WOW!! 

This was the second time I saw Firehouse and they are such a great, great band.  

They played many songs from their early albums, most especially their first self-titled album.

Sadly, their singer, C.J. Snare, passed away on April 5 of this year, and he will be forever missed.  I’m glad I got to see him in 2023.  Such a phenomenal singer.

With C.J.’s blessing, the band had been playing shows without him for a number of months with singer Nate Peck, who I had seen sing with Jack Russell of Jack Russell’s Great White on one song last year and became a friend of C.J.’s.

Nate was also the American Idol golden ticket recipient in 2021.

I went into this show knowing they would rock but without C.J., I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it.

Well, I can say that even though C.J. will be forever missed and I wish he was still here, Nate does a phenomenal job singing these songs and pumping up the crowd.  Good job sir!!

And the band are phenomenal.  Guitarist Bill Leverty, Bassist Allen McKenzie, and Drummer Michael Foster kick butt!!!!

All of Firehouse’s albums are very good.  I can’t say enough about their songs.

I’m glad I got to see them again, but again, rest in peace C.J. Snare.  They actually showed a tribute photo collage and video of him during one of their songs, which was really nice.  Again, forever missed.

Warrant closed the show and really put on the big rock show.

Classic members Erik Turner (Guitar), Joey Allen (Guitar), and Steven Sweet (Drums), along with Robert Mason (Vocals, who took over from original singer/songwriter Jani Lane, rest in peace, in the late 2000s) and Robbie Crane (Bass, filling in for original bassist Jerry Dixon) rocked the place.

They played lots of songs from their first two albums, one song from their third album, and one song from their most recent album from 2017 (the title track Louder Harder Faster).

All three of these bands are still kicking butt and still have lots of loyal fans.  The show wasn’t sold out, but it was pretty packed and that was great to see.

I’m a big fan of a lot of rock bands from the 1980’s, and am glad to see that many people still come to see these great bands.  I still go see them and will forever support them and all my other favorites.

Thanks to everyone for rocking the house!!

Keep on rocking and please keep making new music too.

I know not as many people buy music, but I do still and will continue to until the day I die.

I love you all.

Bulleboys Set List:

  1. What Cha Don’t
  2. Hard As A Rock
  3. Hell On My Heels
  4. For The Love Of Money (The O’Jays Cover)
  5. Smooth Up In Ya

Firehouse Set List:

  1. Rock You Tonight
  2. All She Wrote
  3. Shake ‘N’ Tumble
  4. Oughta Be A Law
  5. Home Is Where The Heart Is (included a photo collage/video tribute to original singer C.J. Snare)
  6. Instrumental
  7. Overnight Sensation
  8. Love Of A Lifetime
  9. Reach For The Sky
  10. Don’t Treat Me Bad

Warrant Set List:

  1. Sure Feels Good To Me
  2. Love In Stereo
  3. Bed Of Roses
  4. You’re The Only Hell Your Mama Ever Raised
  5. I Saw Red
  6. Big Talk
  7. 32 Pennies
  8. Blind Faith
  9. Joey Allen Guitar Solo
  10. The Hole In My Wall
  11. Down Boys
  12. D.R.F.S.R.
  13. Sometimes She Cries
  14. Louder Harder Faster
  15. Heaven
  16. Uncle Tom’s Cabin
  17. We Will Rock You Intro (Queen Cover)/Cherry Pie

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