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Horizon: An American Saga Chapter One Movie Review

Kevin Costner’s new movie, Horizon:  An American Saga Chapter One was released on June 28 of 2024.

As the title suggests, it is definitely chapter one of a four part story.

This movie involves frontiersman going west to settle on land, covering 160,000 acres.

Of course, this is Indian land and the Indians don’t take too kindly on these people trying to settle down on their land.

This movie involves several groups of people.  Frontiersman, Indians, Cavalry, outlaws, and many of their story lines mix together.

It reminds me of the Centennial mini series I saw this year (review here) except it definitely focuses on a certain period of time (1859 in this movie).

Costner, who stars/directed/co-wrote this movie, does not show up until much later in the movie.  He ends up getting involved in something that he had no idea would involve him, but it does.

This is definitely a passion project for Costner.  He has said in interviews that he had an idea for this as far back as when he was going to do Dances With Wolves.  He is making these movies with his own money, so whether they are hits or not, he wants these stories out there.  Got to admire that.

This movie has a very good cast.  Along with Costner, it stars Sam Worthington (Avatar movies, Terminator Salvation), Michael Rooker (Guardians Of The Galaxy 1 and 2, Tombstone, The 6th Day, Replicant, Cliffhanger, and so many more), Jeff Fahey, Luke Wilson, and even has a few Yellowstone co-stars (Danny Huston and Will Patton).

That’s just some of the cast.

Again, this is going to be an epic saga and this is just chapter one.  

Costner in this movie set up a lot of the story line and characters that you will see in the later movies.

I took my Dad to see this movie because, like me, he is a huge fan of westerns.

It is three hours long, but it does not feel like three hours.

We enjoyed it and look forward to chapter two in August and hopefully three and four next year.

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