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My Girlfriend and I Enjoyed Seeing Molly Hatchet in Concert

My girlfriend Mariah and I went to see Molly Hatchet Saturday night of June 22 of 2024.

I had seen them a few years ago, but she had been wanting to see them so I was happy to take her to see them.

Plus, I had not seen them since their singer, Parker Lee, joined the band, so I wanted see him sing these great songs.

Molly Hatchet is one of my favorite bands.  Actually my favorite of the “Southern Rock Bands”.  Yes I love the others too but I really love Molly Hatchet.  I bought and love all their albums.

Unfortunately, many of the band members have passed away over the years, but the band has carried on with guitarist Bobby Ingram (who joined the band in the 80s and knew and played with original singer Danny Joe Brown on and off years before.)  

He has carried the band on very well, I think.  He is a phenomenal guitarist, songwriter, and producer.

The band, along with Ingram, now includes Parker Lee on vocals, John Galvin (also been in the band since the 80s) on keyboards, Tim Lindsey on bass, and Shawn Beamer on drums.

The band is really rocking and still play the songs very well.

Parker sings the songs well.

What more can you ask?

I can’t wait to buy their new album too!

After the show, the band came out to the lobby and spoke to fans and signed stuff. I had them sign my ticket.

Really cool.

Another fun show.

Keep on rocking guys.

Mariah, what did you think of the show?

Hi all! Lucas decided to bring me in on this post since I was there too. Overall, I had a pretty good time. The venue, the Niswonger Performing Arts Center was absolutely beautiful and was the perfect size for Molly Hatchet. The audience was a bit lackluster, which lead to a more subdued show, but the lead singer Parker Lee did everything in his power to breathe life into the people and create a rocking show. The one con of the night though was the sound mix was not quite right. The bass tones were distorted and the guitar was too quiet. If the mix had been right, I think it might have helped with the atmosphere, but all the playing was expertly done. Molly Hatchet is worth seeing at least once.

And there you have it.

OK maybe a few sound mix issues we had where we were sitting, but aside from that, a fun rocking show.

We both love Molly Hatchet and I’m glad I could bring my girlfriend Mariah to this show.

Again, keep on rocking guys and I will buy your new album when it comes out.

Set List:

  1. Whisky Man
  2. Bounty Hunter
  3. Gator Country
  4. One Man’s Pleasure
  5. Devil’s Canyon
  6. Beatin’ The Odds
  7. I’m Gonna Live ‘Til I Die
  8. Son Of The South
  9. Firing Line
  10. Fall Of The Peacemakers
  11. Jukin’ City
  12. Layla (ending of it-Derek And The Dominoes Cover)
  13. Dreams I’ll Never See
  14. Encore:  It’s All Over Now
  15. Flirtin’ With Disaster

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