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Intimate but Great: My Graham Nash Concert Review

I saw another legend in concert.
Graham Nash, as in the Nash in Crosby, Stills, and Nash (and Young), and before that, The Hollies.
I saw him at the Lexington Opera House in Lexington, Kentucky.
Very intimate show, with a lot of great songs and stories.
It was just Graham on vocals, guitar, keyboards, and harmonica, and another guitarist who sang harmony with Graham.
He played one Hollies song, several CSN(Y) songs, solo songs, and two Beatles songs.
The crowd loved all of it, as did I.
Most things in life I find boring or miserable, but concerts genuinely make me happy.
This concert made me happy.
If my life could be one big concert, I would be in paradise.
I have four more concerts to go this year, and then, it’s off to next year.
I still need to see so many more, including the rest of CSNY.
Make it happen.

Set Lists:

Set 1:

  1. Bus Stop (The Hollies song)
  2. Wasted On The Way (Crosby, Stills, and Nash song)
  3. I Used To Be A King
  4. Immigration Man (Crosby & Nash song)
  5. In Your Name
  6. Myself At Last
  7. Marrakesh Express (CSN song)
  8. Military Madness
  9. Wind On The Water (Crosby & Nash song)
  10. A Day In The Life (The Beatles cover)

Set 2:

  1. Just A Song Before I Go (CSN song)
  2. Taken At All (Crosby & Nash song)
  3. Lady of the Island (CSN song)
  4. Golden Days
  5. Back Home
  6. Cathedral (CSN song)
  7. Our House (CSNY song)
  8. Encore: Chicago
  9. Encore 2:  Blackbird (The Beatles cover)
  10. Teach Your Children (CSN song)

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