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The Garden Movie Review

The Garden is about a young boy, who has bad dreams, cuts himself, and was just released from a mental hospital.

His dad, who has partial custody of him and is an alcoholic, comes to pick his son up to take him back to his mom’s house, only to get involved in a car accident, going over a hill.  No he was not drunk driving.

A man (played by Lance Henriksen) gets them to safety and takes them back to his farm. 

Spoiler alert:  Everything that happens after this is very interesting.  Lance turns out to be the Devil in disguise (Lance does a phenomenal job as always), and he is tempting the boy’s dad by giving him a job on the farm, giving him drinks, and wants him to pick from a tree, which by all intents and purposes, is a tree just like in The Bible in the Garden of Eden.

The boy figures this out and has to fight Lance and try to save his dad.

I really enjoyed this movie a lot.

Sean Young plays the boy’s teacher in it and is very good.

It’s an excellent modern day telling of the Garden of Eden story, basically, but with a Twilight Zone type feel and twist to it.

I love this movie and highly recommend it.

Five stars!!

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