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The History of Metal and Horror Documentary/Movie Review

I am a HUGE fan of Metal music.

I am also now a Horror movie fan.

So when I found out about this, I wanted to see it.

Unlike most documentaries, which it definitely is a documentary, it also has a little movie wrapped around and within it, which I found very interesting.

It starts off with a guy walking the streets and finding these old tapes and guitar and goes back to seemingly where he lives.

It turns out he is the last survivor on Earth.

He tries out these tapes, one of which is about the history of Heavy Metal and one is about Horror. 

They don’t work unless he plays them together.  So when he does, a man (played by Michael Berryman) comes on the screen and starts talking about Metal and Horror and throughout this, many music and Horror movie people (Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Scott Ian, Marky Ramone, Phil Anselmo, Kane Hodder, Corey Taylor, John Carpenter, Dave Mustaine, some of the band GWAR, Boris Karloff’s daughter Sara, Nick Castle, Tom Savini, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, and many more) talk about Metal and Horror.

Other than the movie parts, it’s essentially a documentary, but it’s well done, giving both subjects more or less equal time and the movie parts are pretty cool I think.

If you are a fan of either genre or both, then I highly recommend watching this.

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