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Bob Dylan The Philosophy of Modern Song Book Review

Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Pulitzer Prize Winner Bob Dylan released his second book (his autobiography Chronicles Volume 1 was released October 3 of 2005) November 1 of 2022.

Unlike his autobiography, this book is Dylan’s interpretation/examination/opinions on a list of several songs from throughout history.

He gives his thoughts on songs by Marty Robbins, Johnny Cash, The Clash, Elvis Costello, Rosemary Clooney, Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, and several others.

His descriptions of some of these songs are as detailed or more detailed than the actual songs themselves.

He really dove in on these songs.

Some of his thoughts are deep and heavy, but some of his thoughts are even funny.

It is a fascinating book, extremely well written by Dylan, and I recommend it.

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