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Riley’s L.A. Guns The Dark Horse Album Review

The second album by Riley’s L.A. Guns was released on Monday January 22 of 2024.

Drummer Steve Riley’s (RIP) birthday.

This album was recorded awhile ago while Steve was still with us.

Like their first album called Renegades as this lineup (Steve on drums, bassist Kelly Nickels, singer/guitarist Kurt Frohlich, and guitarist Scott Griffin), the band again made a very ROCKING album.

I preordered the CD but went ahead and bought it on ITunes so I could go ahead and start playing it.

I’m glad I did because I cannot stop listening to it.

All the songs are great.

It’s a perfect album.

Sadly, though, I’m guessing this is the last album as this band, since Steve is now gone, and I’m guessing they are not carrying on without him.

But I am glad they got to be together while they were and made two AMAZING albums and were a great live band too.

Check out this album and Renegades.

You won’t regret it.

Rest In Peace Steve!!!!  I love you and thank you for the music and your kindness!!!!

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