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(Riley’s) L.A. Guns Renegades Album Review

Frist off, I LOVE this album.

Now, long story.

This album was released November 13 of 2020 as L.A. Guns, but since there was a lawsuit between Drummer Steve Riley (of this band) and other members Phil Lewis (vocals) and Tracii Guns (guitarist), Steve ended up changing the name of the band to Riley’s L.A. Guns (hence why I put Riley’s in parenthesis in the title of this review) so Phil and Tracii could be L.A. Guns.

Confusing I know.

Anyway, I did not give this album the time of day at first because even though I love everybody, especially Steve, I was all about Phil and Tracii having the name and they were putting out phenomenal L.A. Guns albums (and still are) without Steve. 

And in the last several years, it has unfortunately become a thing of bands splitting but members using the same name for their version of the band.

It’s happened with L.A. Guns, Queensryche, RATT, just to name a few.

I wish everyone could just get along and/or use different names, but that’s not how life works.

Anyway, long story dragged on longer, it took me awhile to give this album a listen.

But once I did, I LOVED it.

Steve, along with classic L.A. Guns bassist and songwriter Kelly Nickels (writer of their biggest hit The Ballad of Jayne) got together with singer/guitarist Kurt Frohlich and guitarist Scott Griffin (who actually was L.A. Guns’ bassist for awhile when Phil and Steve were still in the band together while Tracii was out) and made this AWESOME rock album called Renegades.

I cannot say enough about this album.

Since buying it on CD, I have played it SEVERAL times.

I love it every time.

Great songs.

I am sooooooooooo glad I gave this album a chance.

I’m sorry the lawsuit happened and the band name got split into two bands, but I support both and love both.

So regardless of the band name, I see it as two great bands and I am allowed to love both.

And I do.

Thank you guys for making this AMAZING album.

When I saw them live in 2023 (review here) and was lucky enough to meet them (sadly Kelly was not there), I told them how much I loved this album and they greatly appreciated it and signed it for me.

Thank you so much!!!!

Sadly, a few months after I saw the band, Steve passed away.

They made another PHENOMENAL album before Steve passed called The Dark Horse (review here), and it was released January 22 of 2024 on Steve’s birthday.

Again, I’m sorry that all the bad things happened, most especially Steve passing away, but thank goodness we have the music.

And this music is great!!!

Give it a listen.

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