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    Tom Selleck You Never Know: A Memoir Book Review

    Tom Selleck has been one of my favorite actors since I was a kid.

    He released his memoir called You Never Know:  A Memoir on May 7 of 2024.

    It is a great book.

    It by no means covers everything that has happened in his life, but he focuses on certain parts of his life and career throughout the book.

    He talks about trying to hang on to his basketball scholarship and deciding to take a theater class because he thought it would be an easy A.

    Well, when he started taking the class, his instructor told him he could get him an agent.  Tom being new at this said Oh-Kay.  This agent ultimately got him some jobs but also got him an appointment with the then head of 20th Century Fox, in which he was sent to their studio system program.

    Tom says in this book that his career was really an accident because he never had aspirations or dreams on being an actor.  But through studying, hard work, and luck, and as he says throughout the book, laying down bricks, he became an actor and eventually a very successful one.

    He talks a lot about his time starring in Magnum, PI (as he just calls it Magnum).

    I love the whole book, but these parts of the book are especially a big deal for me because the show Magnum PI came along at a very tough time in my life growing up.  I had moved to a new state, with all new people, and had to try and get used to that.

    Magnum was the one of the few shows I watched at the time (two shows a day in reruns on two different stations) and I really clung to this show.  I really needed it at the time and I will be forever grateful to Tom Selleck John Hillerman (RIP), Roger E. Mosely (RIP), Larry Manetti, Donald P. Bellisario, and everyone involved in Magnum PI.  Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication to the 8 years that show was on the air.

    Tom also talks about some of his movies, including The Sacketts and The Shadow Riders (two of my favorite movies ever), High Road To China and Lassiter (two really good movies he did while filming Magnum), Three Men and a Baby, and how he ALMOST became Indiana Jones for Raiders of the Lost Ark.  Read the book to find out more.

    Again, I love this book and Tom Selleck will forever be a hero to me.

    I wish he would have talked about some of his other work too (Such as the movies Runaway, Her Alibi, Folks, An Innocent Man, and other.  He touches on Blue Bloods some too but not a lot.) but I still love the book and I especially love all the Magnum stories.

    And, thanks to Premiere Collectibles, where I purchased this book from, I was able to get a signed copy.  Thank you so much for that.  I’ve wanted his autograph for 30 years and now I have it.

    Thank you so much.