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    Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga Movie Review

    Furiosa:  A Mad Max Saga is a prequel to Mad Max:  Fury Road.

    This movie shows the title character Furiosa’s (played in this movie by Anya-Taylor Joy) journey from being a kid being captured by a biker horde led by Dementus (Chris Hemsworth) to being taken in to the Citadel, led by Immortan Joe (Lachy Hulme), escaping from being raped by one of Joe’s sons, then posing a mute boy, working to build a “War Rig”, learning everything she can on how to fix things and fight, with the ultimate goal of gaining revenge on Dementus, who killed her Mom, and trying to find her way home.

    If you love Fury Road and all the other Mad Max movies, but especially Fury Road, you should love this movie.

    I sure did.

    It’s a great movie.

    Once again directed and co-written by George Miller, who has made all of the Mad Max movies.