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    Ian Hunter Defiance Part 2 Fiction Album Review

    The great Ian Hunter, singer of Mott The Hoople, has released another great solo album called Defiance Part 2 Fiction (Defiance Part 1 is great too.).  This was released on April 19 of 2024.

    Like Defiance Part 1, Ian assembled a lot of great talent to help make this album.

    Including Jeff Beck (RIP), Johnny Depp (who painted the album cover), Joe Elliott, most of Stone Temple Pilots, Cheap Trick, and others.

    This album is great.  Not a bad song on it.

    Highly recommend checking it and Defiance Part 1 out.

    Keep it up Ian!!

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    Angel Live in Columbus (Thanks for Your Kindness and Your Music)

    I first became a fan of Angel in 2006 when I heard an interview Angel singer Frank Dimino did on Eddie Trunk’s radio show.

    Frank went into detail about the history of the band and it was just a really good interview.

    I also heard on Eddie’s show the Angel song The Tower and really liked it.

    Sometime after I heard the interview, I bought Angel’s Live Without A Net double live album and loved it.

    And eventually, I bought all of the band’s albums and enjoyed them all.

    However, at the time I got into the band, they were no longer a band.  Everyone was either retired, doing solo stuff and just doing other things.

    Then the great Angel guitarist Punky Meadows put out a solo album called Fallen Angel.  Masterpiece of an album.  This album also features Angel bassist Felix Robinson and Punky’s collaborator/rhythm guitarist/singer Danny Farrow Anniello.  Punky decided to do some shows for this album and to do them as a co-headline tour with Angel singer Frank Dimino (Frank sang on one song on Punky’s album and Punky played on one of Frank’s songs for his great solo album Old Habits Die Hard under the banner of Dimino).

    The shows went so well that Frank and Punky decided they wanted to reform Angel.  So with Danny with them, they reformed the band with new people.

    As of this writing, Angel consists of Frank on vocals, Punky on guitar, Danny on guitar, Tommy Caradonna on bass (Felix Robinson did a few shows in between on bass before Tommy came in, replacing Steve E. Ojaine.), Charlie Calv on keyboards, and Billy Orrico on drums.

    The band has released two great albums since returning.  Risen, released in 2019, and Once Upon A Time, released in 2023.

    It wasn’t until 2023 that I was able to finally see the band.

    I saw them twice in 2023 (first show here and second show here) and both shows were phenomenal.

    I got to meet them at the second show and all of the guys were very kind and signed all of my Angel CDs.  Could not have been nicer.

    When I saw they were playing again this year, I did not hesitate to buy another ticket to see them. 

    I also decided I wanted to meet them again and get my Angel records signed (Sorry guys I need to buy a few more for you to sign.  Next time I see you, I’ll bring those.).  

    So, I went to the show and met them before the show (This is a paid meet and greet, but it’s not too expensive.).

    Like before, all the guys were super friendly and signed everything.  These guys really love their fans and really take the time to talk to them.  And trust me it’s greatly appreciated by us fans.  Also at the merch stand, I bought a shirt, Punky’s album on vinyl (I’ll bring that to sign next time.) and a signed Felix picture that he signed when he was doing the few shows he did with the band.  I hope to meet him someday too but if not, I at least have his autograph and like Frank, Punky and Danny, is friendly to me and other fans on Facebook too.

    Anyway, this show was phenomenal too.  This band really rocks.  

    I still don’t know why they did not become a bigger band because they had/have it all.  But the fanbase they do have is very loyal and passionate.

    I’m glad I became a fan when I did and I’m glad they got back together and are still making great music and playing great shows.

    So thank you guys so much for all the great music (hopefully more in the future) and for all your kindness.  I love you all.

    Opening bands were In Theory, who are a very good newer rock band, and a good fun cover band called Alecia Houston & The Firmm.  Their rhythm section especially is very good.

    But the night was really about Angel, and like the other two times I saw them, they did not disappoint.

    Great songs, old and new, and everyone is phenomenal at what they do.

    Again, thank you Angel for giving us fans a great time, for the amazing music, and again, your kindness and grace.

    Angel Rocks!!!!!

    Angel Set List:

    1. On The Rocks
    2. Can You Feel It
    3. Mirrors
    4. Wild And Hot
    5. Bad Time
    6. Cast The First Stone
    7. The Fortune
    8. We Were The Wild
    9. Got Love If You Want It
    10. Don’t Leave Me Lonely
    11. It’s Alright
    12. Pressure Point
    13. Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore
    14. Feelin’ Right
    15. Rock And Rollers
    16. Encore:  The Tower

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    Nolan Taylor/Clarke Sexton/Justin Wells Concert Review

    My friend Jamie McClintic and I went to a concert on May 10 near where I live:  the Paramount Arts Center.

    We saw singer/songwriter Nolan Taylor, singer/guitarist Clarke Sexton and his band (who all also was Nolan’s band on this night) and singer/songwriter Justin Wells.

    Justin Wells started the show with just himself and an acoustic guitar.  No band backing him, although he does have a band.

    His songs and storytelling are very heartfelt, funny, and very good.  He sounded great and the crowd really enjoyed hearing him.

    Next up was Clarke Sexton and his great band.  They were a little more upbeat, but also still quite melodic and musically very diverse.  Clarke Sexton is a great singer and guitarist, and his band is phenomenal. 

    Then Nolan Taylor came on, again backed by Clarke Sexton and his band.

    Nolan is also a very good singer/songwriter and has a lot of stories to tell in his songs.

    I’ll be honest, all of these people were unknown to me before seeing them, and even though I thought there were way too many ballads played for my taste (and I love ballads but not 3 hours of them), everyone did a great job and the crowd loved them.

    I hope all of these guys have great success.  

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