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Shattered Love: A Memoir By Richard Chamberlain Book Review

Movie/Television/Theater actor Richard Chamberlain released his autobiography Shattered Love:  A Memoir in 2003.

I first became aware of Richard when I watched his movies King Solomon’s Mines and Allan Quatermain and The Lost City of Gold as a kid.

I know those movies are not on top of his favorite works list and that’s OK.  But I loved them then and still do.

Richard has done a lot of great works over the years (Dr. Kildare, The Towering Inferno, The Three Musketeers, The Four Musketeers, Centennial, Shogun, The Thorn Birds and it’s sequel (or “mid-quel” as he called it), and many others, and he talks about some of them in his book.

He has a lot of great stories.

However, his book is about much more than his life in the entertainment business.

His book is much more about finding oneself, everything around us, and how to become a better person.

He took most of his life to finally come to peace with his upbringing (he had a psychologically abusive Dad), hiding his true self from most people, and just ultimately being.

I suppose it does take your whole life to accomplish this, if you ever do.

Richard got into meditation and learned from many people and books about ways to try to “just be”.

I applaud him for being able to do it.

I’m not saying he’s perfect.  No one is.  But he was able to find some peace and “just be”.

I know I will never be able to do it.  It is impossible for me to “just be”.

I wish I could but I can’t.

Anyway, I found Richard’s book a great read and I recommend this to anyone.

And even though he may not be wild about them, thank you Richard for making the Allan Quatermain movies.  They were an important part of my childhood and I’ll always love your work in them.

Thank you.

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