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Nolan Taylor/Clarke Sexton/Justin Wells Concert Review

My friend Jamie McClintic and I went to a concert on May 10 near where I live:  the Paramount Arts Center.

We saw singer/songwriter Nolan Taylor, singer/guitarist Clarke Sexton and his band (who all also was Nolan’s band on this night) and singer/songwriter Justin Wells.

Justin Wells started the show with just himself and an acoustic guitar.  No band backing him, although he does have a band.

His songs and storytelling are very heartfelt, funny, and very good.  He sounded great and the crowd really enjoyed hearing him.

Next up was Clarke Sexton and his great band.  They were a little more upbeat, but also still quite melodic and musically very diverse.  Clarke Sexton is a great singer and guitarist, and his band is phenomenal. 

Then Nolan Taylor came on, again backed by Clarke Sexton and his band.

Nolan is also a very good singer/songwriter and has a lot of stories to tell in his songs.

I’ll be honest, all of these people were unknown to me before seeing them, and even though I thought there were way too many ballads played for my taste (and I love ballads but not 3 hours of them), everyone did a great job and the crowd loved them.

I hope all of these guys have great success.  

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