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Diamond Head Lightning To The Nations Album Review

Wow I should have listened to this album a long time ago but am just now getting to it in 2024.

Diamond Head, a Heavy Metal band formed in the 1970s, released their first album, Lightning To The Nations, on October 3 of 1980, and wow what a debut album!!!

The band included Sean Harris on vocals, Brian Tatler on guitar, Colin Kimberley on bass, and Duncan Scott on drums.

With this album, I dare say, they influenced a lot of bands that came after them.  Most notably Metallica, who have covered at least 4 songs from this album (from their Garage Inc. covers album).

After hearing this album, I can hear the influence and I think this album is one of the blueprints for a lot of Heavy Metal bands.

Diamond Head are definitely innovators.

If you are not familiar with this band, check out their music.  Especially this album.

Diamond Head are still together, although guitarist Brian Tatler is the only original member still in the band. 

While not working with Diamond Head, Brian is also playing guitar for Saxon, another hugely influential, innovative Heavy Metal band.

Check out Lightning To The Nations.

HOLY COW is it amazing.

I bought the deluxe edition, so it has a lot of bonus tracks.  Even a bonus disc.  Check it out!!!

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