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Agent Recon Movie Review

Agent Recon was released to streaming platforms (particularly Apple TV Plus where I watched it) on June 21 of 2024.

This is actually the third in a series of movies starring/written/co-produced/directed by Derek Ting.

He plays the character of Jim Yung (everyone just calls him Jim) who in the first movie (Agent Intelligence, available to stream on Tubi) is down on his luck and ultimately goes to the desert with some friends to have some fun, and ultimately encounters aliens who take over people’s bodies, and unbeknownst to him until he has to fight these aliens, he has powers and abilities he had no idea he had. 

In the seconds movie (Agent Revelation, available to stream on Paramount Plus) Jim receives further training and tests to try to figure out why/how he has these abilities and it involves more action and killing aliens (to kill them, you have to shoot them in the liver).

And in this 3rd movie, Agent Recon, Jim goes on a mission with a Colonel Green (played by the great Marc Singer of The Beastmaster movies and V mini-series and show and many other things) to try and rescue the Colonel’s daughter from this group of aliens.

I’m not saying everything about these movies, but I will now say here that one of my favorite actors ever, Chuck Norris (Good Guys Wear Black, A Force Of One, The Octagon, Return Of The Dragon, Breaker Breaker, Silent Rage, Lone Wolf McQuade, Missing In Action, Missing In Action 2:  The Beginning, Braddock:  Missing In Action III, Invasion U.S.A., Code Of Silence, The Delta Force, Delta Force 2, Hero And The Terror, The Hitman, Sidekicks, Walker Texas Ranger, The Expendables 2) returns to the movies in Agent Recon. 

This is Chuck’s first movie since The Expendables 2 in 2012.

He’s not the star, but trust me, if you are a Chuck fan like I am, this movie is worth seeing just for him.

I’ll be honest:  I think the first two movies are better movies, per say, but Chuck really makes Agent Recon for me.

I love Marc Singer too of course and he’s great in it, and Derek Ting is definitely the star (and he’s great too) but seeing Chuck in this made my year.

He does all the action you want to see him do near the end.

He plays an artificial intelligence being who actually is given the memories of Michael Dorn’s (Lt. Commander Worf of Star Trek:  The Next Generation and Star Trek:  Deep Space Nine) character from Agent Revelation. 

Again, I’m not saying everything about these movies, but I’ll just say this:  if you are a fan of action or science fiction movies, these are for you.

Not the biggest budget movies, but I think they look good, shot well, and the stories are solid.

And having Chuck Norris in a movie again is cause enough to celebrate and to watch Agent Recon!!

And watch Agent Intelligence and Agent Revelation too.

Thank you Derek Ting for these movies and I look forward to more Agent movies.

Thank you Chuck Norris for everything and for giving fans like me another action packed movie part.

And thank you Marc Singer for kicking butt too!!

I took some screen shots while watching the movie.  Hey I couldn’t help it because I was excited to see Chuck again.

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